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Full Service Government Consulting Firm

We offer a wide variety of services designed to help your company grow by connecting your business with the Federal, State and Local Government opportunities. Our firm is a full-service consulting solution for all types of businesses.​ We facilitate the process between your business and other companies that will work to secure your government contracts.

We were established with one purpose in mind. To help American companies with the difficult process of tapping into one of the largest and most elusive markets on Earth-the United States government. U.S. government business from federal and state to local institutions represents the largest single market in the world. It truly is Global One. Regardless of economic trends or national and international conditions, it's a market everyone wants to get into. The U.S. government buys every legitimate business product and service imaginable.
but in the convoluted and complex U.S. government market, it can be tough to get an "in" and there are few shortcuts a business can take. With the proper team of consultants, you will receive a far greater advantage than the hundreds of companies that are looking to enter the government market every week. IGC employs hundreds of experts who have successfully navigated thousands of companies in this grand venture of doing business with the planet's largest consumer.

Who We Service

Top Industries

Top industries based on governmental spending. For a complete list of industries visit www.gsa.gov


Information Technology

Fiscal Year 2017 reported $15 billion in Information Technology procurement with various types of companies providing products & services such as computers, software, web design, and cloud computing.

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

In fiscal year 2017, government buyers spent 1.6 billion on medical equipment and supplies. This included a wide range of products from adhesive bandages to surgical equipment.

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Security Equipment and Services

Fiscal year 2017, reported $1.2 billion on Security Solutions. Sales under the Security equipment and services schedule were almost evenly split between products and services.

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More than likely, the U.S Government spends millions of dollars every year on what your business can provide. Our main purpose is to help your company obtain economic stability through the securing of governmental contracts. Let us show how much money the government spends in your industry!

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Clients About Us

"I am writing to without reservation to recommend IGC Consultants to assist you in completing your application to become a FSS vendor. You have our sincere thanks!"

Morgan Cook — Barra & Parker Group

“I really appreciate all the help from the IGC teams.  They made the process quick and easy. Being an extremely busy business owner myself, their services were a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Marilyn Newson — Newson Medical Billing

“Our company has flourished since we decided to get into government contract work.  IGC got everything set up for us so we could be this successful.”

Jonathan Birch—B&C Heating and Cooling

“I am very thankful to have worked with IGC Consultants and will certainly use their services for marketing, modifications or new contracts in the future. I would recommend them to any company seeking an FSS Contract”

Ray Sami — Ultimate Solutions

“We were recently approved for our Small Business Certification. I would highly recommend IGC Consulting to complete this for any business.”

Raj Tahiri — WTI Technology Group

“We worked hand in hand with the team to ensure that our offer was fully completed and compliant. Without their assistance we would have had a very difficult time navigating the requirements."

Barry Thomas — Medical Resource Partners
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